5 Freezer Meals in 15 Minutes


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This free guide includes a grocery list, 5 recipes (with nutrition info!), and a video to follow along!

The meal prep program makes everything so simple. We love the simple recipes that actually taste good and are healthy!

With a family of 6 we are so busy, so having recipes already available to me, an ingredient list, and most of the time simply a bag to toss in my crockpot turn on the timer and go has been a huge help.

​I am also looking forward to using the recipes to make freezer meals for families who just had a baby or lost a loved one! Thanks for the great service!

Ericka M.

Kim's monthly meal plans have been a great resource for my family! We have recently had to dive into the world of GF and DF and these meals have been so helpful.

Not only are they easy and quick meals to throw together for the freezer but they also teach and remind me to cook simply.

​Her freezer meal recipes are a great addition for any busy parent to have in their stockpile of go-to recipes! The Maple Dijon pork chops have been a favorite around here!

Alycia H.

"I've been wishing for something like this for years! I've been interested in freezer meals, but haven't found any that suited our family's dietary needs.

​I've done 3 months and have loved EVERY recipe! They are healthy and full of flavor. I also love that they can be made in an hour and economical to boot."

Lisa S.