Meal Prep. Simplified.

Exclusive offer for Busy Moms

Imagine having the power to feed your family healthy, homemade meals every single night, with everything already planned for you.

Every recipe is gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, and delicious.

And.... it only takes one hour of prep time every week.

Option A: Hard Copy + Digital Access

(3, 6, & 12 month options available)

Printed meal plans, grocery lists, and  stick-on labels mailed to you every single month. Full Digital Access included.

Option B: Digital Access Only

(3, 6, & 12 month options available)

Download everything you need to succeed in your meal prep journey, including meal plans, grocery lists, and labels.

PS: there is  no commitment required. You can cancel anytime if this isn't a good fit for your family.

What Our customers are saying:

"Participating in the meal prep program is both enjoyable for me and beneficial for my family. It's an hour of intense prep, but so rewarding to see my freezer stocked with delicious and nutritious meals.

These meals were such a blessing after I had my daughter. It brought me such peace to know that I didn't have to stress over dinner. I highly recommend for any other expecting mother!"

Leslie Y.

The meal prep program makes everything so simple. We love the simple recipes that actually taste good and are healthy!

With a family of 6 we are so busy, so having recipes already available to me, an ingredient list, and most of the time simply a bag to toss in my crockpot turn on the timer and go has been a huge help.

I am also looking forward to using the recipes to make freezer meals for families who just had a baby or lost a loved one! Thanks for the great service!

Erica M.

"I just need to give props to Kimberly Brockway and her Veritas Fitness meal plan! I pay $14.99 per month and have 5 meals per week. The menu is planned. The grocery list is already built. All I have to do is add my own purchases to the list.

But the biggest thing is that not only is this saving me time it's also saving me money. Like most people our grocery bill has gone up exponentially and with a lot of children it's been tough to make our budget stretch. This program is helping me stay in budget while not skimping on good food.

I've made approximately 30 meals from this plan and only 2 or 3 of those were not eaten because we didn't like them. I call that a win! I've tried other meal plans and they either have very expensive options OR the meals are just gross. We've tried a lot of new variety that we would usually not eat. Another benefit is that all meals are prepped at the beginning of the week so all I have to do is pull dinner out of the freezer. And these aren't casseroles! I'm talking beef stews, pork chops, salmon, and more."

Jenifer R.

"I've been wishing for something like this for years! I've been interested in freezer meals, but haven't found any that suited our family's dietary needs.

I've done 3 months and have loved EVERY recipe! They are healthy and full of flavor. I also love that they can be made in an hour and economical to boot."

Lisa S.

I loved using Veritas-Fitness’ meal prep program. There are so many fun recipes that take away the stress of planning; Kim also sends lots of tips and tricks to save money on food which is helpful when the budget is tight.

I especially loved the more exotic recipes like Indian food and so forth. We especially enjoyed the butter chicken and it was so much easier with Kim’s guidance than I had expected it would be.

I usually cooked simple meals because fancy/exotic seemed intimidating, but Kim’s program makes it easy to step outside of one’s comfort zone and try something new and exciting. I will certainly be recommending this program to friends.

Cara R.

Kim's monthly meal plans have been a great resource for my family! We have recently had to dive into the world of GF and DF and these meals have been so helpful.

Not only are they easy and quick meals to throw together for the freezer but they also teach and remind me to cook simply.

Her freezer meal recipes are a great addition for any busy parent to have in their stockpile of go-to recipes! The Maple Dijon pork chops have been a favorite around here!

Alycia H.

Program Details:

Every recipe is gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free.

Most recipes come with instructions for cooking in both the stove/oven, and a slow cooker.

Each recipe will take 5-10 minutes to prep, and comes with options to make either 4-6 servings, or 8-12 servings. That way you can plan for company, teenage appetites, or leftovers.

Digital or Hard Copy?

You can receive a hard copy in the mail along with access to everything online.

Or you can just get the digital access by itself. Whichever you prefer.

Pro Tip: Participants tend to be more successful when they receive the hard copy with pre-printed labels.

How Long Will You Commit?

You have the option to sign up for 1 month, 3 month, or 12 month programs. These are recurring programs and you can make changes or cancel at any time when you log in to your account.

Pro Tip: the longer you commit, the better the deal.

What's Included?

  • ​4 meal plans with 5 meals each
  • ​Grocery lists
  • ​Labels (Download & print your own for digital participants. Pre-printed stickers for hard copy participants).
  • ​Nutrition info for all meals​

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Bonus Resources

All members receive digital access to all kinds of great bonuses in our Member Resources section:

  • ​Weekly video guides: These will teach you how to efficiently prep each meal for that week.​
  • ​Time saving meal prep tips​
  • ​Money saving meal prep tips​
  • ​Breakfast ideas​
  • ​Lunch ideas​
  • ​More bonuses added every month!

Hard Copy Membership Options:

Monthly Membership: $19.99
3 Month Membership: $55
6 MonthMembership: $107
Annual Membership $209

Digital Access Membership Options:

Monthly Membership: $12.99
3 Month Membership: $35
6 MonthMembership: $69
Annual Membership $135

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