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Just Eat Real Food...

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Yes, it really can be that "simple."

And yes, I realize simple is a relative term. And that everyone's journey is different. Ok, now we have the disclaimers out of the way.

If we are all really honest with ourselves, we know deep down inside that most modern health issues can be improved, if not completely eliminated, by changing the way we eat.

For thousands of years, humans consumed fruit, veggies, legumes, meat, fish, and nuts. Occasionally they had some form of sugar or alcohol. 

Even as recently as 80 years ago (especially during WW2), most families depended on a garden for at least some of their food. Most people knew the person in their community who grew/raised their food, even if they couldn't provide it for themselves. 

So for most of human history, humans ate real food, locally grown or raised. Its what our bodies have evolved to digest.

But in the last 80-100 years, that has changed. The majority of our food is made in factories full of mystery ingredients, raised in feed lots and injected with whoknowswhat, grown on massive commercial farms and drenched in herbicides/pesticides. Then it is shipped hundreds, and often thousands of miles to our grocery stores.

We don't know who is growing or raising our food. We don't know where the factories are located. We have no idea what most of the stuff on that ingredient label is unless we google it.

And we wonder why so many people are unwell.

If you are struggling with weight, a health issue, or just generally feel like crap with no explanation, maybe its time to start changing what you put in your body. Go back to the foods your body recognizes.

Don't worry about the latest fad diet (#ihateketo), workout craze, or franken-foods disguised as health food (fake meat, anyone?).

Just start with real food, as much as your budget will allow.

Switch out one processed food for one fresh vegetable or fruit. Switch out one frozen pizza for some chicken or pork. And keep making those switches a little at a time.

I have seen people improve diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, skin issues, thyroid issues, and unidentifiable mystery issues just by changing the foods they eat. It really can be that simple for most people.

Baby steps. Don't overwhelm yourself. Don't worry about counting calories or changing everything all at once.

Challenge yourself to make one of the freezer meals here on my blog every week. Many of them take less than 5 minutes and $10 to make a 4 serving meal.

Are you ready to let go of excuses? What is it worth to you to start feeling better?

If you need some more help, shoot me an email and let know.

Committed to your health,

Kim Brockway


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Owner of Veritas Fitness

I'm a wife, mother of 4, and health coach with 15+ years experience in the fitness industry.

After spending many years helping people change their eating habits to reach their health and fitness goals, I'm sharing some of my favorite tips and recipes here. 

I hope they help you reach your goals!